Thursday, March 13, 2014

Missing Canyon Road

Hello world! This shall mark my official first blog post since Flair Genius. While I still consider myself fully obsessive over fashion, executing this on a professional level is really not where my strengths lie. In comes Kristen Bombeck Design. A few major changes have occurred since my last blogging endeavors; I'm now married, we bought a house and I have recently left the corporate world to start my own Interior Design & Art business.

I'm beyond excited to be transitioning to two of my other loves. This blog will exhibit the ENORMOUS undertaking that is remodeling our new home and getting it where my obsessive eye feels it needs to be. I'll also be keeping you up-to-date with current art works in progress. Don't ask how I got started on animal portraits... because I really don't know. It all began with a request from a friend and here I am today. 

In the meantime.... I'm REALLY missing our old digs. While we are thrilled to be home owners and love our new neighborhood, I am missing the quaintness and quirkiness of our old 500 square foot apartment in Memory Grove. It was so whimsical to live near the frequent presence of horse drawn carriages and friendly dog-walking neighbors in the park. 

Not so whimsical? A drunken basement dwelling neighbor shooting through your floorboards while he was 'cleaning his gun.' No, I surely will not miss Jim or 'Jim's jigglers' (a term my husband and I dubbed his scantily clad female friends,) having separate laundry and hearing a these ever present middle aged men screaming in the back alley way during their blackout 'flag football' games. Nope. Won't miss that at all. 

While I don't have any images of Jim our old neighbor, I do have some shots of our old place. Ahhhhh, moving 

I'll never tire of Banana Leaf 
These walls look black but were actually a deep green color which I ended up hating and painted back to white

My portrait of Walter 

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